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Annual Fund

To see the Hunterdon Art Museum’s Lace not Lace exhibition is to experience pure beauty and visual poetry. This show is the perfect example of the Museum fulfilling our promise to you to exhibit exciting works of contemporary art, craft and design.
It also represents a number of groundbreaking firsts for contemporary art museums in the U.S.
  • First exhibition in the United States to focus solely on contemporary fiber art made from traditional bobbin and needle lacemaking techniques.
  • First installation in the United States of Choi+Shine’s Urchins
  • First exhibition in the world to exhibit in its entirety Lieve Jerger’s Carriage of Lost Love.
We hope you were among the thousands of people from Hunterdon County — and from around the world — who walked beside and beneath the Urchins and saw their magical glow in the evening light and were astonished by the intricacy of the copper wire lace construction of the Carriage of Lost Love.
We could not have mounted this groundbreaking exhibition without your annual support. And we thank you! With the Lace, not Lace exhibition and other equally important shows HAM is recognized — nationally and internationally — as a museum at the forefront of contemporary art.
As the year draws to a close, we ask you to please consider supporting the 2018 Annual Appeal with a gift of $50, $100, $250, $1,000 – or whatever you can afford.  Can we count on your support to help us reach our $28,000 goal by December 31st?

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Our ability to bring you remarkable shows like Lace, not Lace happens when you and a community passionate about art come together to provide critical funding to our museum.  Much of that funding comes from your support of our Annual Appeal. And your support is greatly appreciated.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to the Lace Fund:

Cathy & Edward Ahart
Amy Ahart and  Thomas Di Giovanni
Ernestine Allen
Judith Aron- Sellaro
Susan Babbs
Lois Bailey
Jodi Bettermann
Serena Bocchino
The Brandwine Family – Eric, Clarissa & Nate
Brooklyn Lace Guild
Zenna Broomer
Laurie Brotons
Laura Buchanan
Susan Buck
Berendina Buist
Michael Citarelli
The Coby Foundation, Ltd.
Jannine Cody
Matthew & Joanne Coe
Stacy Coleman
Susan Colket
Cranberry Lacers
James & Patricia Cropsey
M. Lee Daly
Linda DeBono
Margaret DeRose
Mary Aleta Donaldson
Lily Douglass
John & Linda Dunsmuir
Chris Dzerovych
Inna Dzhanibekova
Clara Eastby
Shirley Egan
Jean Emerson
Julie Enevoldsen
Sue Erdreich
Pat Feeney-Murrell
Robert & Rosemary Fellner
Finger Lakes Lace Guild
Susan Fix
John Freeman
Nancy Gerber
Elizabeth Guest
Mark and Barbara Gulden
Paulette Hamel
Carolyn Hastings
Margaret Hayter
Lucinda Heineman
Don and Mary Heller
Jacqueline Hernandez
Eva Hoffmann
Holiday Inn -Clinton
Hunterdon Knitting & Crocheting Guild
Donna Huron
Charles Jayne
Lieve Jerger
Jockey Hollow Weavers
Elena Kanagy-Loux
Jocelyn Kapp- Manship
B. Catherine Kozlowski
Isabell Kyrk
Lace and Embroidery Resource Center
Lacers of the Lake
Ann Lagomarsino
Judith Lamp
Dana Lane
Liberty Lacers
Lost Art Lacers of No. Jersey
Kevan Lunney
Casey Maher
Marjorie Marcille
James and Kathleen Mathews
Elizabeth & Rich Matto
Longia and William Miller
Ann Marie Miller
Sharon Mitchell
Rex Molisani and Teri Lindstrom
Hannah Morris
Christina & Steve Mruskovic
MWS Wire Industries
Marjorie Frankel Nathanson
Nancy Neff
New England Lace Group
Sally Olsen
Nisim and Alexa Parliyan
Frang Pasq
Angela Pasquariello
International Organization of Lace, Inc.
Mayra Petretti
Haley Pierson-Cox
Meghan Plaxe
Jeannine & Alan Podesta
Dawn Podsiad
Ellen & Jack Rannells
Michael Ross
Kathi Rotella
Trenna Ruffner
Dann Rypka
Barbara M. Simon
Steven &  Edie Sitrin
Jessica Skultety
Susan Soloway
Herlinda Spahr
Virginia Stillson
Elena Stokes and  Rob Graf
Karin Strom
Alan Teitel
Devon & Gary Thein
Karen Thompson
Jean Thompson
George Trogler, Jr.
United Way of Hunt. Cty.
Unity Bank
Marion Warzel-Rich
Anne D. Wattman
Cheryl Weger
Lorraine Weiss
Louise West
Carolyn Wetzel
Alison and Shaw Williams
Sarah Wilson
Christine Wooskett
Michael Wu
Barbara Yaseen Tiffany


Image credits: TopLieve Jerger, Carriage of Lost Love, 1977-Present, copper wire, steel wheel frames, Belgian bobbin lace, 6 ft. X 13.5 ft. X 6.5 ft. Courtesy of the artist. Right: Choi + Shine Architects, the  Urchins, 2017, Crochet  resembling reticella,  2.7  meters tall  and 5  meters  in. diameter. Courtesy of the artists.