Hunterdon Poets Workshop: Nancy Noé

Hunterdon Poets Workshop: Nancy Noé Shelter in Place Everybody giggles, since Sally and Joe and Robert and Devon the kid with the Airpods the boy with bad breath and everyone else is pressed in an intimate strata in ways that they already hope to forget. Everybody whispers and silences phones, because that is [Read More...]

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Interview with Artist Diana González Gandolfi

In her solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum, Diana González Gandolfi explores the life experience of being uprooted and moving among various cultures throughout the world. Her paintings and prints featured in Navigated Territories are autobiographical and are part of a series that focuses on memory, identity and place.  González Gandolfi recently took a few minutes to discuss [Read More...]

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Interview with Jeanne Brasile, Through the Lens Curator

Lorrie Fredette, Imperfect Distribution, 2015, beeswax, tree resin, muslin, brass, nylon line. Photo credit: Jeff Drucker. Through the Lens, one of the Hunterdon Art Museum's current exhibitions, highlights the work of artists Lorrie Fredette and Gianluca Bianchino and features site-specific installations inspired by technology and rooted in nature and scientific discovery. Bianchino’s work investigates [Read More...]

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An Interview with Collage Artist Peter Jacobs

Every day for the past 10 years, artist Peter Jacobs has created a collage from The New York Times. He scans the newspaper for inspiration, slicing out sections of pattern or color. Or, waving his knife like a magic wand, he’ll make a face, object or gesture disappear from a photo. He’ll attach the pieces [Read More...]

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Sculpture Graces the Toshiko Takaezu Terrace

For decades, the Hunterdon Art Museum was graced by the talents and energy of Toshiko Takaezu, who played a vital role in the Museum's growth and passion for contemporary art. Now the Museum is graced by the presence of her sculpture, Three Graces in the garden of the soon-to-be christened Toshiko Takaezu Terrace, named to honor [Read More...]

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Q&A With Artist Giovanna Cecchetti (Part 1)

Giovanna Cecchetti: The Consciousness of Infinite Goodness opened Sept. 27, 2014 at the Hunterdon Art Museum. In the first part of our interview, she discusses the inspiration behind her solo exhibition -- which runs until Jan. 4, 2015 -- and her work.  Question: Can you tell me about the title of the exhibition and how [Read More...]

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