HAM Art Prompts: Series One

By Marjorie Frankel Nathanson, Executive Director

During this temporary closing of the Hunterdon Art Museum, we want to keep you entertained and informed as much as possible, which is why we’ve launched HAM Art Prompts. We’ll be delivering fun activities for you and your family that can be done in the comfort of your home while weaving in recently exhibited work from our exhibitions. We invite you to enjoy, create, and share your work with us by sending us an image via Facebook or Instagram, or by emailing it to Brian@hunterdonartmuseum.org.

This is HAM Art Prompts: Series One.


“Blue Monster” by Heather Ujiie. Image courtesy of the Artist










Heather Ujiie’s Blue Monster is a fabulous creature surrounded by lush flowers and beautiful birds.

What flowers and colors would you choose for a landscape? If you have paint, colored pencils or crayons at home make a landscape and share it with us.




Magical Copse by Emily Squires Levine

“Magical Copse” by Emily Squires Levine. Collection of Anita Gross / Photo by John Carlano.












Emily Squires Levine uses colorful clay to create a forest of trees in her work, “Magical Copse.”

Imagine yourself inside this landscape, lying down on the grass, looking up at the sky. What noises do you hear? What colors do you see? Write a short description of your experience.




kenny kay night mare

“Night Mare” by Kenny Kay. Image courtesy of the Artist.














This is Kay Kenny’s photograph titled Night Mare. Look at the sky. How is it different from the sky you imagined in Emily Squires Levine’s “Magical Copse”? Can you write a poem or a story about this photograph?