Our Community Impact

The Hunterdon Art Museum is committed to engaging people and the community with contemporary art, craft, and design in ways that educate, challenge, and inspire.

We believe art knows no boundaries: race or ethnicity; gender identity or sexual preference; income or socioeconomic status; mental illness; physical disabilities; religious beliefs. The Hunterdon Art Museum continues to bridge the gap so programs and the arts are accessible to all people throughout the community.

Free Seats in Our Online Classes

We are proud to offer free classes to those currently enrolled in the New Jersey “Families First” Program and their families. Seats are limited and granted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Contact Joan Gavornik, Director of Education, at Joan@hunterdonartmuseum.org to inquire about current seat openings in classes for those who qualify.

Free Admission to Our Museum

We are grateful for the opportunity presented by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts to be part of the Families First Discovery Pass program, which provides families and individuals who receive benefits through SNAP, WFNJ, the Child Care Subsidy Program and/or WIC, free or steeply discounted admission to museums.  The Museum is pleased to offer free admission to participants.

Contact us at 908-735-8415 or info@hunterdonartmuseum.org with any questions, and we look forward to seeing you soon!