HAM Art Prompts: Series Two

Help us add the color back at HAM! Check out this coloring page of the Hunterdon Art Museum’s building, and add all the detail you like, even a positive message on our terrace’s chalkboard. Show us some of your favorite moments on the terrace through your drawing and coloring.

Don’t forget to share it with us when you’re finished! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, or email your finished piece to Brian@hunterdonartmuseum.org to get featured on our social media channels!

We hope that this coloring page will evoke warm memories of relaxing on our terrace, exploring contemporary art in our galleries, celebrating a student at Young Artist Showcase, or attending one of our fun events. We can’t wait to share these moments together soon!

Help Us Add the Color Back at HAM

In addition to inspiring people with our classes, we spark imaginations with world-class art installed on our terrace and in our galleries. We offer yoga sessions where you experience serenity, we maintain the beautiful stone mill that deepens your ties with the past, and we provide a gathering place for your family and friends on the Toshiko Takaezu Terrace.

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