Hunterdon Poets Workshop: Michael A. Griffith

The Dreams of Beasts

The lion wakes on the warm night savanna.
He raises his stony head and yawns.

He blinks then looks over to the cub he did not murder
and blinks again, wondering with the mind of a man
if he did not make a mistake.

The cub rolls over to face his father with eyes wide open,
clear as the moon.

About the Author

Michael A. Griffith teaches at Raritan Valley and Mercer County Community Colleges in central NJ. He is the author of three chapbooks of poetry, Bloodline, Exposed, and the forthcoming New Paths to Eden. Recent works appear in Ariel Chart, Miletus Literature Review, U.S. 1 Worksheets, and The Lake. Mike lives near Princeton, NJ.

About the Hunterdon Poets Workshop

“It is necessary to any originality to have the courage to be an amateur.” ~Wallace Stevens

“Imagination is the instrument of compassion.” ~Zbigniew Herbert

The Hunterdon Poets Workshop is a monthly (September-May) Sunday afternoon gathering of published and emerging writers in our community. Our dialogue on poetry crosses generations and cultures, as participants range in age from the early 20s to the mid-90s. Many bring drafts of poems to share or come for a poetry prompt. The workshop size is limited to eight, and members are always thoughtful and encouraging. It’s a privilege for me to help nurture the voices of talented poets and writers in our Workshop.

Vasiliki Katsarou, Instructor