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Yael Eisner: Member Highlight

Pulling from different states of being – home and away, water and land, fluidity and solidity, silence and noise, spaciousness, and the lack thereof – Yael Eisner captures the transitions and juxtapositions of her daily adventures in the form of photographs.    “In creating these sequences, I communicate through visual images my emotions as I experience a state of transition. With each transition, my awareness of some senses becomes sharper while others lie dormant within these diverse conditions,” says Eisner, who has curated and exhibited her works around the globe. “I am curious to examine this [Read More...]


Explorations in Felt

Discover some of the most innovative and beautiful works created with felt in a new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum. Explorations in Felt features 29 diverse works created by 25 artists from around the world. The exhibition had unique origins. The Fiber Art Network and Fiber Art Now magazine approached the Hunterdon Art Museum about hosting an exhibition as a companion to their print exhibition Felt: Fiber Transformed. ---- “We wanted to feature art and non-traditional wearables that best represented the incredible depth and breadth of work being created using felt with an emphasis on exhibiting [Read More...]


Gloria Ortiz-Hernández and Lorraine Kisly: Art + Design

  Art + Design explores the drawings of Gloria Ortiz-Hernández, the ceramics of Lorraine Kisly, and the furniture designs that emerge from their collaborative vision. Ortiz-Hernández works with a variety of materials including pencil, colored pencil and charcoal. Her drawings on paper in the exhibition and her steel sculptures all have clear references in the design work. One reviewer noted that Ortiz-Hernández’s drawings -- the source and inspiration for much of the work in this exhibition – are complex, multi-layered creations: “One looks at these drawings...but also into them, into their many layers, and into [Read More...]


Emily Squires Levine: Embracing Color / Polymer Clay

Small colorful boxes and bowls have attracted artist Emily Squires Levine for as long as she can remember. One of her first memories is of a colorfully embroidered fabric oval box, a gift from an aunt who traveled to the sunny shores of the Algarve in Portugal. She has kept this precious memento her entire life. Other fond recollections include a mother-of-pearl box and a small bowl from Turkey which held tiny seashells. This lifelong love for colorful vessels has deeply influenced her art. Levine works with polymer clay, creating bowls, [Read More...]


Cliff Lee: Porcelain Master

Artist Cliff Lee believes one crucial element to his success is to never stop learning. “I always want to learn and to do better,” Lee said. “People will call me a master – but I tell them no, because the day you become a master is the day you stop learning. And I don’t want to ever stop learning.” That persistence and insatiable curiosity helped fuel his 17-year successful effort to re-create the formula for the imperial yellow glaze of the 15th-century Ming dynasty. The glaze is one of his most [Read More...]


Holly Lee: A Jeweler’s Journey

For artist Holly Lee, many of the works featured in her new solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum hold a special significance. The majority of jewelry pieces in the show come from Lee’s personal collection. They include items she has held onto since she started making jewelry up to her most recent body of work, The Primitive Series. “The pieces I’ve kept over the years are either the beginning of a series – the inspiration piece – or something I just loved and didn’t want to sell,” Lee said. “In [Read More...]


Mia Brownell & Martin Kruck: Skeptical Realism

A painter and photographer who manipulate artistic traditions to explore reality through a skeptical lens are featured in an exhibition opening this month at the Hunterdon Art Museum. Skeptical Realism spotlights the paintings of Mia Brownell and the photography of Martin Kruck. The show’s opening will be celebrated at the Museum on Sunday, Sept. 22. A special reception, featuring gallery talks by the artists, will be held that day from 2 to 4 p.m.; everyone is welcome to attend. The show’s title is derived from philosophical texts debating the truth and [Read More...]


2019 Members Exhibition

Explore the talents of the members of the Hunterdon Art Musem in this annual exhibition! Featured in this year's show are: Richard Begbie, Nichola Bloomfield-Hood, Zenna Broomer, Tina Cantelmi, Patricia Cudd, James DePietro, Carol Esch, Karen Fadool, James Fiorentino, Jeremy Foldesy, Terri Fraser, Rob Graf, Mary Hamill, James Irvine, Shellie Jacobson, Julia Justo, Shirley Kern, Joy Kreves, Fernand Lecomte, Christina Sorace MacKinnon, Taylor Mathues, Longia Miller, MaryAnn Miller, Maria Mineo, Florence Moonan, Doug Munch, Patricia Murrell, Anne Spence, Elena Stokes, Robert Sussna, Laura Trisiano, Kazaan Viveiros, and Pamela Zave. Selections for our juried show were made by Pedro Barbeito is assistant professor of art and director of Lafayette’s Experimental Printmaking Institute. Over the past 20 years he has exhibited internationally in fifteen solo exhibitions [Read More...]


HAM Faculty Exhibition (Opens June 9)

The Hunterdon Art Museum teachers will showcase their diverse talents in oil and acrylic painting, photography, ceramics and more in our Faculty Exhibition which runs from Sunday, June 9 to September 1. Faculty artists participating in this year's show are: Maureen Chatfield, Margaret Fanning, Anita Genovese-Mahoney, Andrea Gianchiglia, Wendy Hallstrom, Barbara Kaiser, Steve McKenzie, Bascha Mon, Nancy Ori, Oscar Peterson, Emma Rimi, Judith Shevell, Lena Shiffman, Patrick Smith and Ann Tsubota. Join us for the opening reception and meet many of the artists who comprise our faculty this Sunday (June 9) [Read More...]


Transformed: Paper in Dimension

  In a new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum, eight artists will show how the boundaries between paper and drawing, textiles, painting, architecture and sculpture are dissolving. Transformed: Paper in Dimension runs through Sept. 1. Exhibition curator Carol Eckert notes that paper traditionally has been used as a ground: its flat surface a conduit to convey meaning by applying ink or pigment. But these works alter that:  the physicality of the paper itself becomes the means to transmit the content, its dimensional forms capturing light and reflection and reconfiguring space, [Read More...]


Aurora Robson: Re:fuse

Sometimes one man’s trash isn’t just another man’s treasure. For Aurora Robson, it can be art. Robson is a multi-media artist known mostly for her meditative work converting plastic waste into art. Robson’s art challenges our perception of matter. “Can artists serve a significant role in terms of solving environmental and societal problems? The answer is yes,” Robson says. “Artists have historically served as the eyes of society. The impulse to make a piece of art is precisely the opposite of the impulse to throw something away,” she said in her [Read More...]


Shari Mendelson: Amphorae and Apparitions

  New York-based artist Shari Mendelson creates works that resemble something you’d expect to see in the antiquities gallery of a fine art museum. But take a closer look. You are in for a surprise! Mendelson creates her ancient-appearing vessels and figurines using salvaged plastic: juice, soda and water bottles. She cuts into them pieces and then, using hot glue and acrylic resin, creates new sculptures. Shari Mendelson: Amphorae and Apparitions will be on exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum through Sept. 1. “The original material is transformed from plastic trash [Read More...]


THAT — The Hunterdon Art Tour

Celebrate the opening of The Hunterdon Art Tour and meet the artists at an opening reception Friday, May 3 from 7 to 9 p.m. at HAM. You can learn more about the opening here! The talented artists featured in the this special exhibition are: Bonnie Berkowitz, Berendina Buist, Karen Caldwell, Diana Contine, Adrienne Crombie, Inna Dzhanibekova, Doris Ettlinger, Terri Fraser, Kevin Holtermann, William Jersey, Jane Kunzman, Corinne Lalin, JG Lipka, Nancy Lloyd, Cara London, Christina MacKinnon, Susan Mania, Judith Marchand, Laura McClanahan, Michael McFadden, Larry McKim, Liz Mitchell, Florence Moonan, Chris [Read More...]


Member Highlight Exhibition: Maureen Chatfield

Though she’s painted for several decades, artist Maureen Chatfield still feels a thrill when stepping in front of a blank canvas. “I deeply love the creative process,” Chatfield says. “It’s exhilarating, rewarding, frustrating and endlessly challenging.” Viewers can discover the results of her creative process in the Hunterdon Art Museum’s Member Highlight exhibition Maureen Chatfield: Emotions Through Color, opening on Saturday, March 9 from 2 to 4 p.m. with a reception that everyone is welcome to attend. Chatfield’s work was selected from among 86 entries for the Museum’s juried Members Show [Read More...]


Ruth Marshall: Knitting the Endangered

Ruth Marshall’s creations weren’t inspired by visits to art galleries or at a university class, but by working at the Bronx Zoo. Marshall is an Australian-American contemporary textile-knit artist, whose vivid hand-knit replications of endangered animals remind us of the threat they face and the importance of wildlife conservation. Her work will be spotlighted in a solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum. On that day, Ruth Marshall:  Knitting the Endangered will be celebrated with a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. featuring a gallery talk by the artist and refreshments. [Read More...]


Kay Kenny: A Poetic Tribute to the Rural Night

Kay Kenny has enjoyed a busy career as a photographer, teacher, painter, and critical writer of visual arts. She has curated several exhibitions and her work can be found in an array of corporate, museum and private collections. And it all began with a class at the Hunterdon Art Museum. Kenny was eight years old when she won a scholarship to HAM. She’d climb aboard a bus in Flemington for the trip to the charming stone mill on Lower Center Street where she’d learn from Anne Marsh, a highly regarded painter [Read More...]


Catherine Suttle: Spaces and Structures

Catherine Suttle’s paintings encourage audiences to appreciate the little things that are all around us but sometimes fail to notice. “My paintings reflect my conviction that beyond the obvious, there are nuances and subtleties to be seen and appreciated,” Suttle said. “They give my paintings their character, their personality. I enjoy the unexpected and the awkward, and my paintings are experiments in seeing how I can figure out ways to incorporate those qualities into a satisfying whole.” The title reflects her most recent abstract work which combines atmospheric areas – spaces [Read More...]


Lace not Lace: Contemporary Fiber Art from Lacemaking Techniques

A ground-breaking exhibition highlighting how lace makers are expanding the traditional boundaries of their art form to create exciting work that investigates contemporary themes, materials and forms is at the Hunterdon Art Museum until Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019. Lace, not Lace: Contemporary Fiber Art from Lacemaking Techniques, reveals how contemporary fiber artists are applying bobbin and needle lace techniques to a multitude of fibers and filaments in unlimited colors and textures to interpret their world. “This is the first show in the United States to focus on contemporary art made in [Read More...]


Walter Chandoha: A Lifetime of Photography

The Hunterdon Art Museum focuses on the freelance photography of Walter Chandoha in a solo exhibition opening this fall. The exhibition, Walter Chandoha: A Lifetime of Photography, showcases his cat photography – taken long before the days of Instagram – his vibrant still lifes of vegetables and fruits, and his New York City candid images of the late 1940s and early 1950s. In a storied career spanning seven decades, Chandoha is best known for capturing the personalities of thousands of cats and dogs, and he became the go-to person whenever a Madison Avenue [Read More...]


2018 Members Exhibition

Explore the talents of the members of the Hunterdon Art Musem in this annual exhibition! Featured in this year's show are: Greta Anderson, Richard Begbie, Nancy Boney, Zenna Broomer, Patricia Cudd, Sarah Dougan, Yael Eisner, Maximus Faragalla, Pat Feeney-Murrell, James Fiorentino, Faith Frankel, Terri Fraser, Virginia Gifford, Gayathri Gowri Shankar, Lisa Hewett Heilman, James Irvine, Mariejon de Jong-Buijs, Nancy Koenigsberg, Joy Kreves, Matthew Kriegler, Dorine Lerner, Judi Lieberman, Mare McClellan, Kathleen McSherry, William Miller, Doug Munch, Paul Murray, Duane Potosky, Phyllis Raskin, Robert Reid, Donald Robinson, Elena Stokes, Shirley Supp, Robert Sussna, Jan Ten Broeke, Peggye Cole Tombro, Laura Trisiano, Kazaan Viveiros, Rob Wederich, Katie Weiss and Andrea Zinn. Selections for our juried show were made by Michael Bzdak, the Global Director of Employee Engagement in the office of Global Community [Read More...]


Multiple Ones: Contemporary Perspectives in Printmedia

Find a class Become a member Donate For centuries, printmaking has consisted largely of using standard equipment to create one-dimensional images on a flat piece of paper. Oh, how times have changed! Prints on silver plate silverware and dishes, rusted paper and wheat paste, and even melting ice are just a few of the surprises awaiting viewers of the Hunterdon Art Museum’s current exhibition Multiple Ones: Contemporary Perspectives in Printmedia. “There is a freshness and contemporary pulse to printmaking that is taking the art world by surprise,” said Sheila Goloborotko, curator [Read More...]


Mary Oestereicher Hamill: regardisregard

Mary Oestereicher Hamill is a multi-media artist and pioneer of participatory photo-based art, shining a light on the needs of poor and marginalized people in our society. The Hunterdon Art Museum will present her multimedia work regardisregard through September 2. regardisregard is a dialogue that calls into question contemporary art’s engagement with issues of human suffering and privilege. The work is a result of a collaboration with 33 homeless men and women who were loaned camcorders to film their world for a day. The videotaping occurred in Boston between 2001 and [Read More...]


Katie Truk: Stretched Sculpture

Katie Truk wants to prove pantyhose are more than just a torture device for women. Truk is a multi-media artist who creates colorful, enchanting three-dimensional work with pantyhose, wire, a sewing needle and thread.  Her solo exhibition, Katie Truk: Stretched Sculpture, opens at the Hunterdon Art Museum on Saturday May 12. Her inspiration to incorporate pantyhose into her work began innocently enough: A high school friend bought Truk an acrylic tube of brightly colored nylons for her birthday. Entranced by the colors and material, she never wore the nylons, but kept [Read More...]


Painterly Abstractions

A new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum offers an updated look at the many ways artists’ individual styles are revealed through abstract painting. Through the exhibition, viewers can discern the similarities and unique styles of each painter, notes Ingrid Renard, who is co-curating Painterly Abstractions with Hildreth York. Andrew Baron Andrew Baron, Reaping the Whirlwind Baron’s work is quiet and introspective. His palette is gentle, his brushstrokes soft. Baron notes that he paints from a position of an abiding skepticism along with a faith in being able to find something [Read More...]


Wendy Ellsworth: A Passion for Beads

Wendy Ellsworth creates art bead by tiny bead and with a seemingly endless variety of colors, shapes and textures at her fingertips, her palette appears unlimited. “I consider myself a color artist, with beads representing tiny photons of colored light which can be woven together to form infinite patterns of beauty and delight,” Ellsworth said. “My approach to color is intuitive, a felt-sense of what different color combinations feel like together in the moment of creating with them.” Wendy Ellsworth: A Passion for Beads runs until April 22, 2018. A Meditative Process For Ellsworth, [Read More...]


David Ellsworth: A Passion for Wood

In a career spanning four decades, David Ellsworth has become one of the premier creators of turned wooden vessels, deeply influencing contemporary craft and numerous artists. The Hunterdon Art Museum will spotlight his work in David Ellsworth: A Passion for Wood, an exhibition which focuses on the woodturner’s technical and aesthetic development through the years, noted Ingrid Renard. Renard is curating this exhibition with Hildreth York. Program at HAM on Jan. 14 The exhibition opens Sunday, Jan. 14 with a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. Prior to it, David and Wendy Ellsworth will [Read More...]


Members Highlight Exhibition: John Darab

John Darab’s fascination with glass began as a child – perhaps after a family vacation in upstate New York that included a visit to the Corning Museum of Glass. Later, while studying chemistry at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he took a class in glass science where his love for glass from an artistic and scientific perspective blossomed under the tutelage of Dr. Minoru Tomozawa. About 15 years ago, he studied glassblowing at Bucks County Community College and since then has worked to create his own unique style. Darab submitted his work to the Hunterdon Art [Read More...]


Intimate Lines: Drawing with Thread

In Intimate Lines: Drawing with Thread, 16 artists wield a needle like a pen to compose intensely personal stories and record intimate histories. In this exhibition, artists deal with relationships, gender and identity; their works show exquisite textured drawings that expand upon textile traditions to make compelling contemporary statements. “Stitching is an intimate physical act, closely connected to the body,” said Carol Eckert, who is curating this exhibition. “An often solitary process, it is at once time-intensive, relentless and contemplative. The artists in this exhibition create works that are inextricable from the process itself [Read More...]


2017 Members Exhibition

  This annual exhibition showcases the diverse talents of the members of the Hunterdon Art Museum. The artists’ work in an array of media including clay, photography, sculpture, glass, fiber, oils, acrylics and collage. This year’s Members Exhibition features: Susan Amann, Michelle Auerbacher, Richard Begbie, Richard Carmella, Maureen Chatfield, Patricia Cudd, William Davies, Liz Demaree, James DePietro, Adrienne Der Marderosian, Don Esch, Faith Frankel, Kevin Hinkle, Judith Lieberman, Donna Lish, Lucy Meskill, Longia Miller, Florence Moonan, Mün Lün Kir Sa, Paul Murray, Patricia Murrell, Nicholas Palermo, Duane Potosky, Robert Reid, Donald Robinson, Nancy Schmidt, [Read More...]


Joe Ciardiello: Spaghetti Journal

Illustrator Joe Ciardiello has revered the Old West ever since he was a kid. He grew up in a land where big-screen cowboys once galloped into the sunset – Staten Island. No, really! More than a century ago, when motion picture cameras first started rolling, many Westerns were filmed at Fred Scott’s Movie Ranch in South Beach, a Staten Island, NY, town just a short stagecoach ride from Ciardiello’s boyhood home. Add to that historic proximity a teenage-boyhood during which Ciardiello was enthralled by the epic spaghetti western The Good, the Bad and the [Read More...]


Christopher Darway: Sculptural Jewelry

Christopher Darway’s new solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum may be titled “Sculptural Jewelry,” but that only tells part of the story. Darway’s unique brand of wizardry employs the design and engineering of tiny – and not so tiny – objects, including kinetic jewelry; the invention of games and gadgets; expertise in metalcraft, gems and minerals; contemporary and synthetic materials including metal, clay, polymers, latex and plastics. His work transforms materials through methods of forming and shaping known to jewelers and metal artisans for centuries- - including fabrication, lost wax and other casting [Read More...]


Steve Sitrin: Shape and Surface

Artist Steve Sitrin makes ceramic vessels for the pure joy of the creation process, and the surprising results his efforts yield. “When I am in my studio I feel at peace, and it is in this state that I feel most inspired,” Sitrin noted. “There are many variables in this process which make each piece unique, often yielding beautiful and unexpected results. To me, it is the excitement of unexpected outcomes that keeps the process interesting.” Sitrin works in porcelain with glazes that flow and crystallize when fired. “I take advantage of this movement [Read More...]


The Art of Construction

Concrete, drywall, PVC pipes, wire, milk crates. You’d fully expect to see these and similar materials at a construction site but not in an art museum. But the Hunterdon Art Museum’s latest exhibition The Art of Construction encourages viewers to see how common building materials can be bent, twisted and shaped to create intriguing works of art. Lovina Purple is curating this show. The foundation for this exhibition was first laid when, as a youngster growing up in a developing neighborhood, Purple and her sister would wander through unfinished homes, imagining what they would [Read More...]


Richard Wengenroth: Water to Paper

What better place for an art exhibition about water than at a Museum on the banks of a river? The exhibition will focus specifically on rivers Richard Wengenroth painted in Sussex County, New Jersey. Wengenroth holds a special connection with this section of New Jersey. Before joining the military, he enjoyed idyllic summer days in a simple wooden cottage built by his German immigrant grandfather on Culver’s Lake in Frankford Township. Years later, work brought him to Manhattan, but he never forgot that rural oasis in northwestern New Jersey. He returned to Culver’s Lake [Read More...]


Wes Sherman: Variations on a Theme

For the past year, Wes Sherman has been painting the same landscape. The landscape has a horizon line high on the picture’s plane, a dark plant with several branches shooting upwards in the foreground and a red leafy plant to the right. Through his work, Sherman is attempting to determine how many different ways he can show this same landscape, but change the way he paints it. Wes Sherman: Variations on a Theme opens Sunday, Jan. 15 at the Hunterdon Art Museum. A reception, featuring a talk by the artist and refreshments, will be [Read More...]


Adam Welch: Brick

Adam Welch creates his art brick by brick. Literally. Welch makes his own bricks by hand encouraging viewers to consider them as an art form while challenging their perceptions and preconceptions of art, ceramics and bricks. The Hunterdon Art Museum welcomes Adam Welch: Brick with an opening reception on Sunday, Jan. 15 from 2 to 4 p.m. The artist will discuss his work at the reception, and refreshments will be served. The show runs until April 30. Welch is well aware of the layers of reference in his work: the utilitarian history of bricks; [Read More...]



Discover the many shades of meaning for the color red at the newest Hunterdon Art Museum exhibition. RED, which opens Sunday, Jan. 15, features works by 10 artists who use red not necessarily as a predominant color, but because it conjures up a specific emotion or plays a vital role in the work’s narrative. As exhibition curator Heather Cammarata-Seale explains, red is a paradoxical color; a color of contradictions and extremes. “Love and anger. Life and death. Good luck and danger. Royalty and revolution. Disgust and desire. These associations impact the way we react [Read More...]


Susan Eisen: Meditations in Clay

Susan Eisen’s life experiences and travels flow effortlessly through her art. One can visualize the sand-dune expanses and wadis of the Sinai Peninsula, where she once camped, or sense the dry desert riverbeds of the American Southwest in her large ceramic bowls, vessels and other creations. “These landscapes just get inside of me so profoundly,” Eisen said. “My work reflects my responses to nature – the carvings of wind and water, the movements of oceans and planets, the layered outcroppings of the earth. From the quiet of my garden to the powerful forms and [Read More...]


Members Highlight Exhibition: James DePietro

Artist James DePietro finds inspiration for his work from countless sources: a poem, a song, conversations between friends and strangers, quotes he has heard or perhaps something he sees while walking around town. “All of these various stimuli, directly or indirectly, influence and motivate my creative process,” DePietro said. “They allow me to envision my artwork and help to convey my message about contemporary issues in our ever-changing world.” The Bethlehem, Pa. native is featured in this year’s Hunterdon Art Museum’s Members Highlight Exhibition, which will run until Jan. 8, 2017. DePietro was selected [Read More...]


Kreh Mellick: All the Woodsy Things

Artist Kreh Mellick’s work is influenced by a variety of sources from her family’s passion for collecting antiques to her great-grandmother’s sketch books and by Pennsylvania Dutch folklore.  But perhaps nothing is more surprising than the inspiration she felt after picking up an old book of machine drawings. The diagrams of the machines were in black and red ink. The black represented the non-moving machine while the red showed the moving parts. “I can’t recall the moment or even the particular image I was looking at, but I had this sense of the black [Read More...]


2016 Members Exhibition

This annual exhibition showcases the diverse talents of the members of the Hunterdon Art Museum. The artists’ work in an array of media including clay, photography, sculpture, glass, fiber, oils, acrylics and collage. This year’s juror is Dr. Kirsten M. Jensen, the Gerry & Marguerite Lenfest Chief Curator at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. In addition to overseeing the museum’s permanent collection, Jensen has curated a number of exhibitions including: The Rodin Legacy and The Artist in the Garden (2014); Iron & Coal, Petroleum & Steel: The Steidle Collection, Blanket [Read More...]


Andrew Hayes: Paper and Steel

  Andrew Hayes may not judge a book by its cover, but he does judge it by the edges of its pages. The artist prowls old book stores and antique shops searching for the perfect volumes for his work: Creating sculptures by marrying the rigid qualities of steel to the delicacy of book pages. Hayes gravitates toward older books with gold leaf or red on their edges. “I don’t respond so much to the title or what’s in the book so much as the form or something that’s present visually,” Hayes said. Hayes’s sculptures [Read More...]


Heather Ujiie: Fairytales, Monsters and Hybrid Creatures

Heather Ujiie’s art abounds with colorful mythical creatures and monsters spinning allegorical stories and fairytales. Ujiie’s large-scale digital prints present a unique blending of the classical and contemporary. Her solo exhibition, titled Heather Ujiie: Fairytales, Monsters and Hybrid Creatures, runs until Jan. 8, 2017. “Many of the pieces in this exhibition were inspired from a kind of ‘data’ mashing of both western and eastern world history and religion,” Ujiie said. “This past year, I have been fascinated by the northern Renaissance Christian painting by Hieronymus Bosch’s: The Garden of Earthly Delights, as well as [Read More...]


52 Reasons to Love a Vet

Discover ’52 Reasons to Love a Vet” at the Hunterdon Art Museum, a project designed to bring attention to the needs of veterans returning from service. The exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum showcases 21 works that consist of playing cards with illustrations created by prominent artists to raise money for “52 Reasons to Love a Vet” fund. The program helps eligible veterans of the U.S. Armed Services with health care, dental needs and educational opportunities. “52 Reasons to Love a Vet,” is a nonprofit organization administered by the Hunterdon Healthcare Foundation, and created [Read More...]


Meanings of Home

Tucked away, inside a rather nondescript building in Lawrenceville, some truly beautiful and empowering art is being created. Small groups of adults comb through fabrics, searching for just the right swatch to capture their feelings. Others are hunched over whirring sewing machines, stitching together pillows or wall hangings. This mix of homeless women and volunteers are exploring what home means to them on a very personal level through a sewing workshop, part of a series of programs created by the Hunterdon Art Museum and HomeFront’s ArtSpace. Surrounded by this buzz of activity, Hunterdon Art [Read More...]


Interconnections: The Language of Basketry

You’d expect to find bamboo, cane or bark used as materials in an art exhibition on basketry – but hair curlers? Plastic zip ties? The works created by the twenty-two artists highlighted in the Hunterdon Art Museum’s newest exhibition, Interconnections: The Language of Basketry, include everything from stapled paper to fabricated metal. Some employ found objects, others utilize clay, linen, or wire. Works range from a large interactive floor sculpture to a small intricate construction of metal and paper, but all are united by an inventive approach to an ancient craft. “These artists employ [Read More...]


Diana González Gandolfi: Navigated Territories

As the daughter of an architect working for the United Nations, artist Diana González Gandolfi  grew up in many different countries and in many different homes. She learned early in life how to make home wherever she happened to be. This life experience of being uprooted and moving among various cultures shapes the overriding theme of González Gandolfi’s solo exhibition, Navigated Territories. “The experience of geographic and temporal separation from the place I once called home is central to much of my recent work,” she said. “The works in this series specifically relate to [Read More...]


Discomfort: Experiments in Furniture, Function and Form

When is a table not a table, or a bed not a bed? Discomfort: Experiments in Furniture, Function and Form features objects that resemble furniture, but do not function as such. Instead, these sculptures blur the line between utility and uselessness and encourage viewers to look at common household objects in an entirely new light. “When we own objects purely for their utility, there is a tendency to see past them,” said Liz K. Sheehan, curator of Discomfort. “Through a sense of discomfort that’s both literal – “I can’t sit on it” -- and [Read More...]


walking shadow: recent work by jury smith

Ceramic artist Jury Smith’s new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum is a calling to home, of sorts. “Some of the forms and patterns are rooted in personal references -- old white churches in long hollows, chopped bits of wood, echoes of the past, moments of clarity and moments of beautiful darkness,” Smith said. The exhibition, walking shadow: recent work by jury smith, opens on Sunday Jan. 17 from 2 to 4 p.m. with an opening reception that features a gallery talk by the artist. All are welcome to attend. The show runs until [Read More...]


Member Highlight Exhibition: Arturo Cabrera

About two years ago, Arturo Cabrera was a familiar face at the Hunterdon Art Museum as a summer camp coordinator overseeing volunteers and managing supplies. But when Cabrera returns to the Museum on Sunday, Nov. 15, his visit will be for an entirely different purpose. Cabrera was chosen last year from the Museum’s Members Exhibition for a solo show, which will run until Jan. 3, 2016. Juror Darren McManus, a painter and educator at Raritan Valley Community College, selected Cabrera to be featured in the 2015 Members Highlight exhibition. The opening reception for the [Read More...]