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Past Exhibitions


Sally Spofford (1929-2014): Late Work

A new exhibition of the recent work of Sally Spofford not only honors a talented artist, but recognizes the efforts of a significant member of the Hunterdon Art Museum’s community. “She was amazing, smart, witty and fearless,” said Ingrid Renard, who has curated and installed numerous shows at the Museum after being recruited by Spofford years ago. Spofford passed away in July 2014. The Museum, which has shown her art previously, is presenting an exhibition, titled Sally Spofford (1929-2014): Late Work, highlighting her final efforts. The exhibition opens Sunday, Sept. 27 with a reception [Read More...]


Members Exhibition 2015

This annual exhibition showcases the diverse talents of the members of the Hunterdon Art Museum. The artists work in an array of media including clay, photography, fiber, oils, acrylics and collage. This year's juror was Gail Stavitsky, chief curator of the Montclair Art Museum. Artists featured in this year's Members Exhibition are: Susan Amann, Kiyomi Baird, Bennett Bean, Richard Begbie, Bette Blank, Linda Brooks Hirschman, John David Cahall, Michael Cooper, Patricia Cudd, Liz Demaree, James A. DePietro, Rose Esposito, Anne Fantini, Pat Feeney Murrell, Dion Hitchings, Alison Hooper Will Hubscher, Lora Hudicka, Sue Kasdon, [Read More...]


Made to Capture

To a photographer, inspiration can appear in many ways: The smile on a child's face, the dew drop on a flower, the angles and whorls in a building's façade. Or it can be something -- an image, an idea, a tableau -- locked in the mind, where it stays until the photographer brings it to life. That is what Made to Capture, the newest exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum, conveys. “The common thread in these works is the artists' shared desire to literally create or build the world that is being captured in the photograph, much like a stage set, doll [Read More...]


HAM Faculty Exhibition

The Hunterdon Art Museum teachers will showcase their diverse talents in oil and acrylic painting, photography, ceramics and more in our Faculty Exhibition which runs from June 17 through September 3. Faculty artists participating in this year's show are: Karin Abromaitis, April Anderson, Megan Becker, Maureen Chatfield, Duffy Dillinger, Wendy Hallstrom, Rion Hoffman, Donna Lish, Cara London, Bill Macholdt, Stephen McKenzie, Kathleen Metaxas, Bascha Mon, Nancy Ori, Oscar Peterson, Eric Rhinehart, Judith Shevell, Lena Shiffman, Ann Tsubota and Whitney Wetherill. “The Hunterdon Art Museum’s mission -- to connect people with contemporary art, craft, and [Read More...]


Peter Jacobs: The Collage Journal — The First Decade

This morning, Peter Jacobs rolled out of bed, poured himself a cup of coffee and reached into his leather shoulder bag for an X-Acto knife, some glue, a 9-x-12 inch self-healing matt and a 12-page Strathmore watercolor pad. He retrieved his copy of The New York Times from his front porch, and sat down at his kitchen table where he spent the next two hours creating a collage from the newspaper. This is exactly what Jacobs did yesterday, and it’s what he will do tomorrow. In fact, Jacobs has basically adhered to this routine [Read More...]


To The Best of My Recollection

“To the best of my recollection” might sound like a phrase drawn from the Watergate Hearings or a television courtroom drama, but it also suggests the fallibility of memory. A new exhibition of drawings at the Hunterdon Art Museum explores how we retell stories, and how information is lost or distorted when we consider the people and places in our lives. “To the Best of My Recollection” opens May 17 and runs until Sept, 6. A reception featuring gallery talks will be held Sunday, May 17 from 2 to 4 p.m. Refreshments will be [Read More...]


Lisa Macchi: New Works on Paper

Artist Lisa Macchi says the experience of painting is a living, breathing process that’s intuitive, improvisational, visceral and seductive. “It’s a physical dance with the piece for me,” Macchi said. “My process is not to think too much and let the work take its own course.” Macchi’s solo exhibition, New Works on Paper, opens at the Hunterdon Art Museum on Sunday, May 17 and runs until Sept. 6. Everyone is welcome to attend the opening reception on May 7 from 2 to 4 p.m. which includes a gallery talk by the artist. Macchi is [Read More...]


Contemporary International Tapestry

Archie Brennan. Monsieur Bonnard’s Grand Daughter, 2001, Handwoven tapestry. 40 X 30.5”. Tapestries might conjure up images of medieval castles, unicorns and other mythical beasts, but a new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum weaves a fascinating picture of how the art form has evolved in the past 70 years. Contemporary International Tapestry highlights the work of three generations of artists from nine countries who are elevating tapestry to a whole new level of technical and aesthetic excellence. The exhibition opens Jan. 11, 2015, with a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. [Read More...]


Yevette Hendler: A Journey to DISREGARD

In her Hunterdon Art Museum solo photographic exhibition, Yevette Hendler finds beauty in decay. Through her lens, Hendler shows viewers the spaces and places that have been forgotten and neglected, and captures their hidden charms. Hendler was selected for a solo show from the Museum’s 2013 Members Exhibition. The opening reception for Yevette Hendler: A Journey to DISREGARD is Sunday, Nov. 23 from 2 to 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome, and wine and cheese will be served. The exhibition runs until Jan. 4, 2015. Hendler is a local self-taught photographic artist who lives in Bloomsbury, [Read More...]


2014 Members Exhibition

Our annual Members Exhibition showcases the unique talents of the members of the Hunterdon Art Museum. Artists selected in this year's exhibition are: Karin Abromaitis, Susan Amann, Kiyomi Baird, Bennett Bean and Elizabeth Rand, Richard Begbie, Barbara Bell, Jan Ten Broeke, Berendina Buist, Arturo Cabrera, Ann Calandro, Rene Culler, Eric Dillman, Don Esch, Edward Evans, Missy Graff, Yevette Hendler, Robert Hill, Dion Hitchings, Lora Hudicka, Anne Kantor Kellett, Rita Koch, Lisa Macchi, John Madden, Paul Mathisen, Michael McFadden, Cynthia Miller, Naomi Nierenberg, Daniela Ovtcharov, Janet Prezlock, Dorothy Sabbarese, Wonju Seo, Judith Shevell, Elena Stokes [Read More...]


Warren Muller: Luminary

For more than 30 years Warren Muller has literally seen the light in the most mundane and ordinary objects imaginable. Muller uses luminescence as his guide, suspending bottles, perfume containers, old hay baling equipment, hubcaps, bowling pins, toy cars, deer antlers, porcelain figurines, candy dishes, metal lunch boxes, bikes, traffic light lenses, and even a retro mini cooper car to create sublime sculptures of light. Muller's work gives spirit and new vision to things we take for granted, things we left behind, things our children outgrew, things our mother left us, and makes us see them [Read More...]


Giovanna Cecchetti: The Consciousness of Infinite Goodness

Giovanna Cecchetti’s journey to The Consciousness of Infinite Goodness began under the broadleaf canopy of the Amazon jungle.  She first traveled there in 2008, living in hammocks, discovering the rainforest with a medicine man, and drinking plants that made her feel connected to the ancient ways of those around her. What she saw truly amazed and inspired her: the sounds, spirits, animals, insects and plants all found a way into her work. The medicine man also introduced her to the Hindu deity Siva. “This compelled me to further investigate Siva, which opened a new [Read More...]


A Clay Bestiary

Discover the many fascinating and fresh ways real and imaginary animals are depicted by artists when A Clay Bestiary opens at the Hunterdon Art Museum. The exhibition runs from Sept. 27 to Jan. 4, 2015, with an opening reception on Sunday, Sept. 28, from 2 to 4 p.m. About 15 artists will display their work, and Garth Johnson will speak at the opening reception. You can check out a video of the exhibition here: The exhibition features artists from several countries including Canada, the United States and South Korea. It highlights the work [Read More...]


Artist Founders of the Hunterdon Art Museum

Explore the works of three artists and innovators—Anne and James Marsh, and Katherine Trubek—who were driving forces in converting a stone mill on the banks of the south branch of the Raritan River into what would become a center for contemporary art, craft and design. Anne Steele Marsh (1901-1995) painted with oils and watercolors, and her bold strokes and vivid colors could depict stillness or action. She also worked with wood engravings, and this exhibition includes Manhole, which stands out for its commanding strength and Carnegie Hall, noted for its detailed delicacy. Works by Marsh [Read More...]


Sky Pape: Traces of Places

For Sky Pape, whose abstractions explore nature through unconventional uses of traditional drawing materials, water serves as a creative material and a muse. She works with handmade kozo paper and created the works in this exhibition with black Sumi ink and water in its various forms: Mist, ice, rain and snow -- each of which makes a different kind of mark when combined with the ink. When Pape began her career, she worked as a painter -- until her studio and home were destroyed by a fire set by a mentally unstable neighbor. She turned [Read More...]


Swept Away: Translucence, Transparence, Transcendence in Contemporary Encaustic

Thirty artists nationwide demonstrate the incredible visual possibilities of working with encaustic, the technique of using heated and melted pigmented beeswax to create art. The exhibition includes paintings, prints, collage and sculptural works that show how artists are taking this ancient process in new directions. This exhibition offers an extraordinary range of expression and allows viewers to discover how luminosity plays a vital role for artists who work with encaustic. Wax lends the appearance of holding the light momentarily before releasing it, giving the viewer the sensation of seeing light suspended. Image credits • [Read More...]


Darren McManus: Tangents

Darren McManus’s work in Tangents spans a decade in the making and represents a paradox of sorts. In his paintings, color is used to create harmony and extreme contrast: Hard-edged forms share the same space as blurry, amorphous masses; and, natural imagery such as flowers and plant life coexist with technological or mechanized motifs. The surfaces of his paintings are super flat, but possess holographic effects which viewers can appreciate when wearing 3D glasses. McManus teaches at Raritan Valley Community College and was a recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New Jersey [Read More...]