Project Description

Contemporary International Tapestry

January 11 -- May 10, 2015

A lively crowd of more than 300 attended the opening reception of Contemporary International Tapestry on January 11, 2015. The works of 40 tapestry artists from nine different countries are included in this exhibition.

“We hope visitors will take away a new perspective on an ancient art form,” notes Carol K. Russell, exhibition curator. “Tapestry can and shall endure through the centuries, though its messages have become more personal. The art form has indeed evolved and become its truest self in the hands of individuals.”

Among the artists attending the opening reception were: Archie Brennan, Elizabeth Buckley, Soyoo Soosoonam Barg Caltabiano, Lise De Coursin, Susan Edmunds, Ina Golub, Christine Laffer, Bojana H. Leznicki, Micala Sidore, Elinor Steele and Linda Wallace.

The afternoon featured talks by artists, Carol K. Russell and HAM’s Executive Director Marjorie Frankel Nathanson.

The exhibition runs until May 10, and gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more photos of our opening reception, please visit our Facebook page.

This exhibition is generously supported by The Coby Foundation, Ltd.


Artists Christine Laffer (left) and Susan Martin Maffei.





From left: Exhibition Curator Carol K. Russell, Ina Golub, Elinor Steele and Micala Sidore.





A guest views tapestry art by Rebecca Bluestone.


Opening reception for Contemporary Internatiional Tapestry.


Listening to the artists’ introductions.


A guest views tapestry art by Jane Kidd.