Project Description

Darren McManus: Tangents

May 18–September 7, 2014

Darren McManus’s work in Tangents spans a decade in the making and represents a paradox of sorts. In his paintings, color is used to create harmony and extreme contrast: Hard-edged forms share the same space as blurry, amorphous masses; and, natural imagery such as flowers and plant life coexist with technological or mechanized motifs. The surfaces of his paintings are super flat, but possess holographic effects which viewers can appreciate when wearing 3D glasses.

McManus teaches at Raritan Valley Community College and was a recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. His work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.

Image credits
• Cycles of Material Matter #2 (diptych), 2009, acrylic on beveled wood, 23.5” x 50”

• Cycles of Material Matter #1 (diptych), 2008, acrylic on beveled wood, 30” x 60”

• Monad #2, 2007, and Monad #4, 2008, acrylic on beveled wood, each 21” x 24”

• Spiritus #4: Inhale and Exhale, 2011, acrylic on beveled wood, 7.5” diameter

All images courtesy of the artist