Project Description

890 “Furniture at the Collision of Conceptual Art and Craft” Lecture and Guided Tour with
Liz K. Sheehan

Discomfort: Experiments in Furniture, Function, and Form takes as a starting point ideas presented by Donald Judd, Joseph Kosuth, and Yayoi Kusama: three contemporaries who, for a brief moment in the 1960s, employed furniture to debate some of their generation’s most pressing questions about the role and function of art. Then as now, the familiar forms of furniture and its connotations of home and comfort were starting points for conversations about language, material, and the body. With these thoughts in mind, please join Ms. Sheehan for a guided tour and a lecture of the current exhibition, a survey of contemporary sculpture that encourages us to reconsider our expectations of how things work.  Space is limited, please register in advance.

Please Note: Early Registration Rewards do not apply for this program.

  • All ages welcome
  • Time: 2:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 10
  • Tuition: Free, with museum admission
Register – 890