Project Description

728 Nature as Inspiration for Abstraction: Photography Workshop

  • Time: 10:30 a.m.  – 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 18
  • Tuition: $90; member: $70
  • Instructor: Nancy Ori
  • Sorry, registration is closed for this workshop.

Abstraction is not an obscure, irrational process of interpreting the world around us. It can be a logical organization of information coming from the elements and principles of design that are inherent in the natural world. In this workshop we will explore nature in its many forms and learn to see in new ways. We will study landscapes, seascapes, and plant material along with paintings, drawings and photographs to develop a strong base of inspiration. We will learn about how line, form, pattern, light and color can create new realities when isolated into an abstract composition.

The morning will include a lecture/discussion session on the structure of a composition and how design elements can be used in photography. We will take a break for lunch and then the afternoon will be hands-on shooting to test out what was presented in the morning. Students should have some familiarity with their cameras. This is not a ‘how to work your camera’ workshop. This is an inspirational session on how any artist can see, appreciate and capture the many abstract subjects that nature has to offer. Bring: camera, instruction booklet for camera, fully charged batteries and camera card. Lunch. Please Note: Early Registration Rewards do not apply for this workshop.