Yael Eisner: Member Highlight


Pulling from different states of being – home and away, water and land, fluidity and solidity, silence and noise, spaciousness, and the lack thereof – Yael Eisner captures the transitions and juxtapositions of her daily adventures in the form of photographs.    “In creating these sequences, I communicate through visual images my emotions as I experience a state of transition. With each transition, [Read More...]

Explorations in Felt


Discover some of the most innovative and beautiful works created with felt in a new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum. Explorations in Felt features 29 diverse works created by 25 artists from around the world. The exhibition had unique origins. The Fiber Art Network and Fiber Art Now magazine approached the Hunterdon Art Museum about hosting an exhibition as a companion to their [Read More...]

Emily Squires Levine: Embracing Color / Polymer Clay


Small colorful boxes and bowls have attracted artist Emily Squires Levine for as long as she can remember. One of her first memories is of a colorfully embroidered fabric oval box, a gift from an aunt who traveled to the sunny shores of the Algarve in Portugal. She has kept this precious memento her entire life. Other fond [Read More...]

Cliff Lee: Porcelain Master


Artist Cliff Lee believes one crucial element to his success is to never stop learning. “I always want to learn and to do better,” Lee said. “People will call me a master – but I tell them no, because the day you become a master is the day you stop learning. And I don’t want to ever stop [Read More...]

Holly Lee: A Jeweler’s Journey


For artist Holly Lee, many of the works featured in her new solo exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum hold a special significance. The majority of jewelry pieces in the show come from Lee’s personal collection. They include items she has held onto since she started making jewelry up to her most recent body of work, The Primitive [Read More...]

Mia Brownell & Martin Kruck: Skeptical Realism


A painter and photographer who manipulate artistic traditions to explore reality through a skeptical lens are featured in an exhibition opening this month at the Hunterdon Art Museum. Skeptical Realism spotlights the paintings of Mia Brownell and the photography of Martin Kruck. The show’s opening will be celebrated at the Museum on Sunday, Sept. 22. A special reception, [Read More...]

2019 Members Exhibition


Explore the talents of the members of the Hunterdon Art Musem in this annual exhibition! Featured in this year's show are: Richard Begbie, Nichola Bloomfield-Hood, Zenna Broomer, Tina Cantelmi, Patricia Cudd, James DePietro, Carol Esch, Karen Fadool, James Fiorentino, Jeremy Foldesy, Terri Fraser, Rob Graf, Mary Hamill, James Irvine, Shellie Jacobson, Julia Justo, Shirley Kern, Joy Kreves, Fernand Lecomte, Christina Sorace MacKinnon, Taylor Mathues, Longia Miller, MaryAnn Miller, Maria Mineo, Florence Moonan, Doug Munch, Patricia Murrell, Anne Spence, Elena Stokes, Robert Sussna, Laura Trisiano, Kazaan Viveiros, and Pamela Zave. Selections [Read More...]

HAM Faculty Exhibition (Opens June 9)


The Hunterdon Art Museum teachers will showcase their diverse talents in oil and acrylic painting, photography, ceramics and more in our Faculty Exhibition which runs from Sunday, June 9 to September 1. Faculty artists participating in this year's show are: Maureen Chatfield, Margaret Fanning, Anita Genovese-Mahoney, Andrea Gianchiglia, Wendy Hallstrom, Barbara Kaiser, Steve McKenzie, Bascha Mon, Nancy Ori, [Read More...]

Transformed: Paper in Dimension


  In a new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum, eight artists will show how the boundaries between paper and drawing, textiles, painting, architecture and sculpture are dissolving. Transformed: Paper in Dimension runs through Sept. 1. Exhibition curator Carol Eckert notes that paper traditionally has been used as a ground: its flat surface a conduit to convey meaning [Read More...]

Aurora Robson: Re:fuse


Sometimes one man’s trash isn’t just another man’s treasure. For Aurora Robson, it can be art. Robson is a multi-media artist known mostly for her meditative work converting plastic waste into art. Robson’s art challenges our perception of matter. “Can artists serve a significant role in terms of solving environmental and societal problems? The answer is yes,” Robson [Read More...]

Shari Mendelson: Amphorae and Apparitions


  New York-based artist Shari Mendelson creates works that resemble something you’d expect to see in the antiquities gallery of a fine art museum. But take a closer look. You are in for a surprise! Mendelson creates her ancient-appearing vessels and figurines using salvaged plastic: juice, soda and water bottles. She cuts into them pieces and then, using [Read More...]

THAT — The Hunterdon Art Tour


Celebrate the opening of The Hunterdon Art Tour and meet the artists at an opening reception Friday, May 3 from 7 to 9 p.m. at HAM. You can learn more about the opening here! The talented artists featured in the this special exhibition are: Bonnie Berkowitz, Berendina Buist, Karen Caldwell, Diana Contine, Adrienne Crombie, Inna Dzhanibekova, Doris Ettlinger, [Read More...]