Summer Camp

Fun Forms (ages 5–9, 11–15) (NEW)

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Fun Forms (NEW)
Campers make fun forms with clay and fabric as they learn the building blocks of 3-D art.  Projects in sculpture and weaving cover essential lessons in form, texture, positive & negative space, proportion, and balance.

WEEK 1 (June 19 – 23)


WEEK 8 (August 7–11)



Art and Music (ages 5–9) (NEW) — FULL!

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Art and Music (NEW)
Art and music come together!  Students study the art of Kandinsky and learn how color, shape and line can correlate with sound and mood. They will make a series of watercolor paintings while listening music and make their own instrument(s) out of recycled materials as their final project.

WEEK 1 (June 19 – 23)


Painting: Acrylic & Watercolor (ages 10–15) — FULL!

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Painting: Acrylic & Watercolor
An in depth exploration of acrylic and watercolor painting.  Color and composition will be covered as well as tips for blending, washes, texture and edges.   Students will build their skills, confidence, and individual style. 
WEEK 2 (June 26–30)


Passport to Art (ages 8–10)

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Passport to Art
Travel the globe through art.  This camp explores artistic traditions from around the world with projects in printmaking, painting, papier-mâché and fiber. 
WEEK 3 (July 3–7, no camp on Tuesday, July 4)


Painting with Paper (ages 5–9) (NEW)

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Painting with Paper (NEW)
From Eric Carle to 21st century eco design, the possibilities of paper are endless.  Students learn 2- and 3-D art making techniques to create “paintings” and sculptures with paper.

WEEK 4 (July 10 – 14)


Pop Art (ages 7–10) (NEW)

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Pop Art (NEW)
Pop Art is young, fun, and bold – just like you! Learn about influential Pop artists, their work and unique styles through hands-on projects in painting, printmaking, and mixed media.

WEEK 5 (July 17–21)

Sketch Book Club (ages 10–15) (NEW) — 1 spot left!

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Sketchbook Club (NEW)
A sketchbook is an artist’s notebook, journal, place to practice, experiment, and explore.  Launch your creativity and refine your art skills with sketching from observation, memory, and imagination using a variety of media. The goal is to practice, improve, and have fun!

WEEK 7 (July 31–August 4)

2D/3D Art Studio (ages 5-9)

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2D/3D Art Studio
This mixed-media class is perfect for any young artist who likes to experiment with different materials. Use your imagination and have fun with drawing, painting, and sculpting.  Projects do not repeat in weeks 7 and 8, respectively.

WEEK 7 (July 31 – August 4)

WEEK 8 (August 7–11)



Acrylic Painting (ages 10–15)

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Acrylic Painting
Students will learn tips and tricks for painting with acrylics, which are very versatile. Acrylics can be used right out of the tube or made thinner or thicker with mediums that yield fun and unique results. Blending, washes, texture and edges will be covered as well as color and composition.  
WEEK 2 (June 26–30)

After-Care (all ages)

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Summer Camp After-Care
After-care is available for any camper attending 2017 Summer Camp at the Hunterdon Art Museum. After-care is directed by camp staff and volunteers. Supervised activities during after-care vary but may include free art time in ArtZone, board games, pleasure reading, and outdoor activities on our terrace (weather permitting). A daily snack will be provided.
WEEKS 1–9 (June 29–August 23)
There will be no camp […]