Wood Block Printing Workshop with Stephen McKenzie (NEW)


483 Wood Block Printing Workshop with Stephen McKenzie Wood Block Printing or "Woodcut" is a relief printmaking technique, whereby an image is carved into the surface of a block of wood.  Areas that are cut away carry no ink, while characters or images at surface level carry the ink to produce the print. The workshop begins with a brief talk on the history of the [Read More...]

Drawing: Ink, Charcoal, Graphite with Eric Rhinehart


Drawing: Ink, Charcoal, Graphite with Eric Rhinehart This course is a drawing exploration with an emphasis on gesture and form. Students will establish a comfort with form, movement and composition. The sessions include liberating exercises that provide the basis for further creative pursuits. Work in various media with still life and figure study. Model fee will be collected by the instructor. Materials list: 19 x 24 newsprint [Read More...]

Pen & Ink Drawing (ages 11-15)


Pen & Ink Drawing Experiment with pen and ink to draw people, places and objects. Students will create value, texture, and form through cross hatching, stippling and shading. It is amazing what an artist can do employing only inked lines. Please note: This camp may be held virtually using Zoom. Students will be notified before the start of the class if the class must take place [Read More...]