Art & Craft Sampler (Ages 5 – 9)

938A-938D Art and Craft Sampler

Age: 5–9 (Parents/caregivers are welcome to stay)
Tuition: $20; members: $15 per session
Instructor: Sarah DeWire
Time: 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

838A January 24 – Drawing
838B February 7 – Painting
838C February 21 – Sculpting
838D March 7 – Collage

Students refine their skills or get introduced to a variety of techniques and materials, from collage and sculpting to paints and pastels.   Art fundamentals will be covered in […]

Comics, Manga, Animé (Ages 7 – 15)

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Comics, Manga, Animé
POW! WHAM! BAP! This action-packed comics class covers everything from Daredevil to Dragon Ball Z. Learn how to draw classic comics and Japanese Manga and Animé. Games, trivia and much more will make you feel like a superhero! 

WINTER – 810

SPRING – 710


Design, Sculpt, Build (Ages 8 – 12)

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Design, Sculpt, Build
Take inspiration from the world around you and create cool two- and three-dimensional art.  This is a structured open-studio in which kids can design their own project(s) from start to finish with one-on-one guidance from the instructor.   Options include paint, clay, wood, wire, paper, and plaster.  There are no limits to what you can create in this class! 
WINTER– 846 (Session 2)




Engineering, Design & Art (Ages 8 – 12) NEW

877 Engineering, Design & Art
This class is all about hands-on projects that apply engineering concepts to creating art. Learn the ABC’s of Design: Ask, Brainstorm, Create, and Decide as you discover the close relationships between art, science, math, and technology. Students will explore the design process through drawing, sculpture – whirlybirds, cars, boats, and bridges are just the beginning. All materials provided.


Gallery Time (Ages 5 to 8)

Gallery Time
This class combines object-based learning with hands-on art making.  Each week students will get a quick tour of the galleries, find inspiration in what they see, and work on great art projects.   Join the fun, meet new friends and celebrate your love for art! 
SPRING – 715


Glass Fusing (Ages 8 & Up)

Glass Fusing
Each week you will design and create a different piece of fused glass art while learning how to use a variety of materials, tools, and techniques.  You will also be taught how to cut and break glass safely. Create one of a kind works of art, gain insight into important techniques of color and design, and learn the science behind the art of […]

Glass Fusing for the Younger Generation (Ages 7 – 9)

Glass Fusing for the Younger Generation
This class is a great introduction to the fascinating world of glass fusing! Learn the fundamentals of glass fusing by using a variety of safe forms of glass to create one of a kind masterpieces. You will also learn important techniques of color and design.

Please Note: Early registration rewards do not apply. 
SPRING – 755


Japanese Animé & Cartooning (Ages 7 & Up)

Japanese Animé & Cartooning
Study the cartooning styles of Japanese Animé and Manga. Learn how to draw favorites like Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon and more.  Using pencil and ink, students will hone their skills in character design, facial expressions and portraying action.
FALL – 916