Art + Science = FUN (Ages 8 – 12)


Art + Science = FUN Explore the intersection of Art and Science!  Kids will stretch their minds (and their imaginations) creating cool projects that mix art, design, biology, chemistry, and engineering. From growing crystals and exploring the environment, to learning fish biology and understanding concrete, the possibilities are endless! WINTER – Session 2 Age: 8–12 Time: 4:30–6:00 p.m. 5 Wednesdays: [Read More...]

Make It: Tech, Toys, and Circuits (Ages 8 to 12) NEW


Make It: Tech, Toys, and Circuits This class is all about hands-on projects that apply engineering concepts to creating art. Learn the ABC's of Design: Ask, Brainstorm, Create, and Decide as you discover the close relationship between art and technology. Students explore the design process through making - whirlybirds, robots, and bridges are just the beginning. All materials provided.  WINTER - 877 [Read More...]