Drawing: Ink, Charcoal, Graphite with Eric Rhinehart


Drawing: Ink, Charcoal, Graphite with Eric Rhinehart This course is a drawing exploration with an emphasis on gesture and form. Students will establish a comfort with form, movement and composition. The sessions include liberating exercises that provide the basis for further creative pursuits. Work in various media with still life and figure study. Model fee will be collected by the instructor. Materials list: 19 x 24 newsprint [Read More...]

Design, Sculpt, Build (Ages 8 – 12)


Design, Sculpt, Build Take inspiration from the world around you and create cool two- and three-dimensional art.  This is a structured open-studio in which kids can design their own project(s) from start to finish with one-on-one guidance from the instructor.   Options include paint, clay, wood, wire, paper, and plaster.  There are no limits to what you can create in this class!  WINTER – 846B [Read More...]

Draw, Paint & Sculpt (Ages 7 – 9)


Draw, Paint & Sculpt The title says it all!  Makes loads of cool art with a variety of materials such as pastels, clay, paint, and plaster.   Projects rotate for new and returning students.   SPRING – 714 (NEW DATES!) Ages: 7–9 Time: 4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m. Instructor: Liz Tracey Tuition: $110; member: $90 6 Thursdays: May 14, 21, 28, June [Read More...]