Photo of art created in River Life camp.

This River Life Summer Camp creation will hang in the north branch of the Hunterdon County Library in Clinton. Pictured are (from left): Terry Edwards, north branch library manager; Joan Gavornik, HAM education coordinator; and Anita Genovese-Mahoney, who taught the River Life Summer Camp.

Eight students from HAM’s River Life: Paint, Sculpt, Print Summer Camp created this beautiful collaborative artwork of their favorite spot on the Toshiko Takaezu Terrace.

And now the students’ creation will hang in the children’s section of the Hunterdon County Library’s north county branch in Clinton.

“The premise of the project was to create a collaborative artwork based on their “favorite” spot by the river’s edge off of the patio of HAM and the bridge,” said  Anita Genovese-Mahoney, who taught the camp. “There is always some type of wildlife present at that spot and children — and adults — are fascinated with it. It is also a very special spot that is shared by the community, a gathering place for all to come and appreciate the river and its wildlife.”

Genovese-Mahoney said the idea for the project came from reviewing material from “The Sumi Ink Club,” which aims to bring people together while drawing.  The idea is to represent all ages, all people and all styles.  Everyone uses the same materials, brush sizes and ink while creating together on one drawing surface. They work off of each other’s artwork and everyone agrees when the drawing is finished. The Sumi Ink Club mission statement includes: “. . . drawing together as a means to open and fortify social interactions that bleed into everyday life.”

The children took photos from the terrace and created a full-life sketch from it. They worked together to create the piece using sumi ink techniques for expressive and poetic lines.

“The project was a success not only for the beautiful piece but also for the experience the children had working together and appreciating the unique marks that every person expresses themselves with,” Genovese-Mahoney said. “They should be very proud of themselves!”