Hunterdon Poets Workshop: Mary Richardson Miller

Hunterdon Poets Workshop: Mary Richardson Miller EDGY      “So I sit on the edge wagging my feet above the abyss.”                                     Jim Harrison, Bridge I wish I’d known this bigger than life poet, I could have been one of his groupies, but edgy, would have wanted him all to myself. By [Read More...]

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HAM Art Prompt: Series Three

HAM Art Prompts: Series Three Don’t forget to share it with us when you’re finished! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram, or email your finished piece to Brian@hunterdonartmuseum.org to get featured on our social media channels!

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Hunterdon Poets Workshop: Nancy Noé

Hunterdon Poets Workshop: Nancy Noé Shelter in Place Everybody giggles, since Sally and Joe and Robert and Devon the kid with the Airpods the boy with bad breath and everyone else is pressed in an intimate strata in ways that they already hope to forget. Everybody whispers and silences phones, because that is [Read More...]

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Staff Spotlight: Michael Citarelli

  Staff Spotlight: Michael Citarelli   Name: Michael Citarelli Role: Bookkeeper How long have you been with HAM? Since June 2013 What’s your favorite part of your job? I enjoy doing payroll every two weeks; the people here at HAM work very hard. I also enjoy helping our Corporate and Foundation Development Officer apply for [Read More...]

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