Congratulations to the five winners of our Urchins photo contest, selected by the staff of the Hunterdon Art Museum. The Museum received quite a few terrific entries and had a difficult time narrowing the choices to five.
The winning photographers will receive free HAM memberships for the year. They are: Dawn Muir, Victoria Rozario, Kimberly Rogan, Rebecca and David Milewski, and Joann Pellegrino.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated! The Urchins may have departed Clinton, but the Lace not Lace exhibition is something you shouldn’t miss! If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you stop by HAM this fall.
The Urchins, two lace orbs, each 15 feet in diameter were displayed on the Museum’s Toshiko Takaezu Terrace during the first two weeks of our Lace not Lace exhibition. The show marked the first United States appearance of the Urchins, which had been shown only in Singapore and Australia.
Created by Jin Choi + Thomas Shine, Architects, the Urchins were suspended from thin, almost invisible cables spanning trusses that are 20 feet high. More than 50 people dedicated three months to meticulously hand craft the lace shells that are held in tension over an aluminum frame.

Rebecca and David Milewski


Dawn Muir


Joann Pellegrino


Kimberly Rogan


Victoria Rozario