Virtual Tour: Yael Eisner – Member Highlight

Explore this exhibition using the virtual reality box below. Look around by clicking and dragging the VR screen in different directions. 

Pulling from different states of being – home and away, water and land, fluidity and solidity, silence and noise, spaciousness, and the lack thereof – Yael Eisner captures the transitions and juxtapositions of her daily adventures in the form of photographs.

“In creating these sequences, I communicate through visual images my emotions as I experience a state of transition. With each transition, my awareness of some senses becomes sharper while others lie dormant within these diverse conditions,” says Eisner, who has curated and exhibited her works around the globe. “I am curious to examine this paradigm by placing two images side by side, reflecting one another and forming an ‘optional’ new void. A void which can seem familiar and distant at the same time.”

According to Eisner, her work is an invitation for viewers to pause and explore this void in an individual and personal way. Eisner’s photographs are also inspired by her experience residing on a sailboat a few months each year.

“Sailing nonstop for weeks surrounded only by water and sky before reaching the safe shore of a new place to rest and explore, the Latitude and Longitude coordinates are the only indications for a ‘concrete’ position at sea. Yet, I need to find other anchors to map my location along periods of constant movement and regain some sense of familiarity, belonging, and orientation.”

Born in Rehovot, Israel, Eisner graduated in 2000 from the Photography Department of Hadassah-College in Jerusalem. Eisner took up sailing and sailed from Spain to Italy in 2013 as a one-person crew.

Watch the following videos to learn more about Eisner and her collection of work:

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